Steve Buscemi Sues 'Em (By Snowbird)

 Actor Steve Buscemi is suing the distributor of the film "Rockets Redglare" for $1.7 Million in lost profits and damages.  Buscemi was the executive producer of the 2003 documentary of the life of downtown New York personality Rockets Redglare (aka Michael Morra) who died in 2001. The Florida-based distributor, Small Planet, and it's owner Mike Broder supposedly failed to promote the film and distributed it in Europe even though they only held the rights to North America. The Brooklyn-born Buscemi has appeared in numerous films including "Fargo" and "Reservoir Dogs" and was on an episode of the TV show Miami Vice in 1986.  More recently, he has been directing, including several episodes of The Sopranos as well as the feature film Trees Lounge.


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