What the... !

Sez our go-to music blog  Stereogum.com right now:

Hello Scott.

What happened to my site?

Your server has been compromised on a root level and has at least 3-4 different exploits installed.

WTF? By whom? Pitchfork?

Perhaps SUFJAN was a poor password.

How am I gonna post that MP3 of snippets from every song on the new Dylan album? Sounds really promising! Heavy on the R&B swing that made Love And Theft his best album in decades.

Fix your fucking blog dude. 

This is creepy and kinda disturbing, no?

Though, a tiny litte voice in our crazy ol' head has to wonder if this isn't some sort of cross-promotional viral marketing scam to go with Court TV's recent "That Girl Emily" billboard campaign. Just some Friday morning speculating, boys and girls!


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