Dolce & Gabbana are the PR nightmare that keeps on giving. First there was the "slave" sandal, then it was their decision to dress Melania Trump (a move that many designers refused to make for fear it be considered an endorsement), now it's this damn sneaker.

Take a look, I bet it will take you 0.3 seconds to work out what's wrong with it:

You got it! It's the hectically regressive and irresponsible "I'm thin and gorgeous" message nestled on in next to "love you more and "SO FAB!"!!! Fab!

Of course the fashion house started receiving backlash left and right, which Stefano responded to by calling out a number of fashion publications on Instagram and writing:

"When idiocy distorts reality!!! Incredible!!!! Next time we'll write LOVE TO BE FAT AND FULL OF CHOLESTEROL."

He then posted a serious of "thin and gorgeous" videos. This is the latest, enjoy.

When idiocy distorts reality indeed. If you listen closely, you can hear D&Gs in-house publicists screaming into their pillow.

[h/t Teen Vogue]
Image via Instagram

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