Status Update: The Ghosts of Hotel Griffou

Peter Davis

I finally made it to Hotel Griffou. Hotel Griffou is in the former Marylou's space - a 1990s Italian restaurant/late night druggie den that hosted mobs of mobsters and tough guy celebs like Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Abel Ferrara and James Gandolfini. The ghosts of decadence past lurk in every corner. Boo! The maze of mini rooms (one is a wine cellar, one a library, one looks like an East Village artist's studio) feels like a bunch of different eateries, all under one roof. I went to a dinner hosted by Tamsin Lonsdale's member's only Supper Club (which now has a branch in LA) with my date Miguelina Gambaccini. Also there: Kristian Laliberte, Carole Han, Tracy Stern, Supper Club's Dara Levine, Tony Strippoli of Diesel and Marisha Pessl, the New York Times best selling author of Special Topics in Calamity Physics. Cheers!

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