Stars Get Fan"TAB"ulous at Drive In Studios

Fashion Week started out with a high-energy bang at the launch party for TAB Energy Drink at Drive In Studios. Yes, that is right, the iconic ’80s beverage has a new cute package and comes with a kick-in-the-pants to liven up any early, early morning or late, late night. And what a late night it was. An all-star cast came out to celebrate the launch. Lindsay Lohan passed the photographers with her coat shrouded over her head and retreated to the VIP area to enjoy her energy beverage. You could have charged Missy Elliot with a Misdemeanor for her off the hook dancing skills -- perhaps she had one TAB too many. Fergie, former PAPER cover girl and current Black Eyed Pea, even joined in on Missy’s dance party. Bold-faced names and high-class catering aside, the energy drink, reminiscent of a cherry Jolly Rancher mixed with Sprite, was actually very tasty and worthy of celebration! When the lights came up after the party was over, Fergie leaned over to us and said, “I think this party is over, shall I pick up the TAB?” Indeed!

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