Remember when Starbucks was just a Seattle thing and the streets of New York weren't clotted with forest green storefronts where you could get a giant iced coffee drink? (Who are we kidding, we don't either.) Arguably, Starbucks long ago conquered New York. It's hard to deny their reach when you can sometimes see two shops within two blocks of each other. But now, they're really planting that mermaid-emblazoned flag in the Meatpacking District, opening the biggest Frappuccino dispensary on seven continents.

The new mega-Bucks has a fancy name (the Starbucks Reserve and Tasting Room) and will allow devoted caffeine addicts to come in and learn about how Starbucks creates the various coffee-based drinks they've come to love. The location will open in 2018, and at 20,000 square feet will have plenty of space for a restaurant, cafe, lounge, and hopefully the greatest selection of available free bathrooms a New Yorker could ask for. Let's welcome our over-roasted overlords.

[h/t Gothamist]

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