Los Angeles-based photographer and artist Maggie West presents STAND 2018—a portrait series for the benefit of Planned Parenthood. The photos—which will be showcased in a large art installation in Downton LA on Tuesday—features a diverse group of models, actors, musicians, adult performers, and even CGI Instagram influencers who support and stand with the nonprofit organization.

"Planned Parenthood is a vital organization that provides education and health care for millions of people worldwide," West said in a press release. "They provide support for such a diverse group of individuals and I wanted that diversity to be reflected in this series."

The artist wants to stress the importance of showing support for an organization that "provides safe, affordable health care and unrestricted access to contraception." "Planned Parenthood has been supporting women's reproductive choices for over 100 years and I am proud to stand by them and show my support."

The installation officially opens on November 20th, and will be available for viewing (with RSVP) from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. There will also be performances starring Lil Debbie, Uffie, Phem, and Saphir.

Below, West gives people a sneak peak by premiering some photos, and statements from some of her collaborators, with PAPER Magazine.


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Story by Payton Dunn / Photography by Nicholás Zambrano