Stagenotes: July 2006


Orange Lemon Egg Canary is a play by the well-respected Rinne Groff. Groff began her theater career as an actor in the edgy Elevator Repair Service before she started turning out impressive playscripts like this past Spring's The Ruby Sunrise. This one, subtitled "A Trick in Four Acts," is directed by the equally excellent Michael Sexton, who staged Groff's superb Jimmy Carter Was A Democrat.

The four-character play, according to Sexton, "is about a magician, his past assistants and his present loves. And it's got magic tricks, some of which are stunning, large and slightly scary." Steve Cuiffo, who plays the magician, is both a prominent downtown performer and a magician. Aubrey Dollar plays his girlfriend/aspiring magician, Emily Swallow is the ghost of his magician grandfather's assistant, and Laura Kai Chen is an ex-assistant/ex-girlfriend. "Rinne's experience as a performer in ERS informs her writing for the stage," says Sexton, "because she always has a keen awareness of the play itself, and not just the text or story."

P.S. 122, 150 First Ave., (212) 477-5288. July 7-30, Wed.-Sat., 8 p.m.; mats., Sat. & Sun., 5 p.m.; additional performance, Mon., July 10, 8 p.m. $20.

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