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SSION, Samantha Urbani and Seth Bogart Made Your New Favorite Christmas Jam

by Abby Schreiber

Move over Mariah, SSION's Cody Critcheloe, Hunx and His Punx's Seth Bogart and Samantha Urbani have made your new favorite holiday jam: "Pink Christmas." The trio -- with the help of legendary '80s-era LA billboard queen Angelyne -- sing an ode to the holidays that is equal parts '80s synth rock, WHAM!'s "Last Christmas," and MTV's fake boy band 2gether's late-90s tween hit "Calculus." While the track is easy listening, muzak-y brain candy at its finest, the video is cuckoo and amazing and features everyone from Peaches and Geneva Jacuzzi to a muscle-y guy in a speedo and a slew of fun LA kids (we think we spotted Dog Show co-owner Christine Stormberg, for instance). Give it a watch, above.

(And, if you're in the mood for more "Pink Christmas," you can buy a limited-edition perfume of the same name at VFILES or Wacky Wacko.)

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