Sri Lankan Male -- Bookmark This Blog!

You MMBlogaholics know that Mr. Mickey has a special place in his heart (not to mention his man-panties) for the men of the Asian subcontinent. What the Playboy Mansion on New Year's Eve is to horny straights, MM finds on the streets of South Mumbai! Consequently MM's friends and followers love to send Indian-related treats MM's way. MM's friend Alan, who's a fellow monarchist, turned Mr. Mickey on to the blog Sri Lankan Male. It's always good to diversify and now that the civil war with the Tamil Tigers is over maybe it's time for MM to plan a little beach vacation to the Jaffna Peninsula! The blog is done by an American expat in the United Arab Emirates who's got the feeling for the Sri Lankan flavor. Here's a shot of a sous chef in the hotel restaurant the blogger ate in. Well one thing led to another and you can imagine the rest!!!

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