Spotify's convenience and apparent all-consuming ability to provide music (though not all music) is kind of terrifying, especially when you consider that the streaming service has been able to do "studies" to determine things like the most popular songs in each state. Now, the service moves local, tracking which musical choices make each major world city "distinctive." Some of these are pretty unsurprising (Chicago really likes King L, Lil Durk, and Vic Mensa), others are, at least at first glance, a little out of left field (Boise is super into Tech N9ne?). Play around with the map below for sneak peeks at what people all over the world are doing in their own homes. And if you're paranoid about a giant company's ability to harness every piece of information about your cultural taste for marketing reasons, don't worry -- maybe Apple Music will be a more benevolent overlord! [via The Fader]

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