Spice Up Your Weekend

Rebecca Prusinowski

May we suggest some artistic flavor for your weekend? Try visiting Like the Spice Gallery, located in Williamsburg and currently featuring a vibrant collection of abstract photograms entitled Synaesthesia. By placing various objects directly onto or above photographic paper, then exposing them to light and magnifying the results, artist Nicole Stager has created a spectacular array of saturated color, lightness and movement. While the photograms emanate warmth and openness, their methodology and the uncertainty of their sources gives them air of mystery, too. Where we saw a melting ice cube or drops of blood, you will likely see something entirely different.

As this month's featured artist, Stager celebrated with collectors, gallerists, fellow artists and friends last Friday night at Like the Spice's Monthly Dinner Series. Director and owner Marisa Sage established the monthly meals as an opportunity for art enthusiasts to share their perspectives over fine wine and a full course meal. Each month, the dinners attract a dynamic crowd of varying ages, professions and backgrounds. Stager answered questions about her pieces and the photogram process, and in the spirit of fabled creative gatherings, the absinthe was a'flowin thoughout the night…

Click on the photos above to see Stager's show and Monthly Dinner Series, though her works' piercing turquoise, minty green and fiery red colors are best viewed in person.

Synaesthesia runs until Sunday, November 9th.

Like the Spice Gallery
224 Roebling St., Williamsburg
(718) 388-5388

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