Spend Your Lunch Break With Afrika Bambaataa's Amazing Record Collection

by Max Kessler
Hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa has one of the most important record collections out there and for the next three days, he's inviting the public to look through his records at Gavin Brown's Enterprise while archivists prepare to move them to Cornell University. Better yet, take a few long lunches this week and stop by GBE's "Lunch Breaks" shows to catch Crazy Legs, Grand Wizzard Theodore and BreakBeat Lou spinning select records from the archive while you dig through rare vinyl (some of which you can see in the images below). Check out the schedule and learn more about Bambaataa's plan to build an international hip-hop museum here.

Gavin Brown's Enterprise, 620 Greenwich Street:

July 16, 2-4 PM Lunch Breaks Show Bronx Time with Crazy Legs Special Guest Joe Conzo
July 17, 1-2 PM Grandwizzard Theodore
July 18, 1-2 PM Break Beat Lou Ultimate Breaks and Beats

UPDATE: Gavin Brown's Enterprise has decided to throw a few more Lunch Breaks from August 7th-9th, with continued access to Afrika Bambaataa's record collection. Schedule below:

August 7th,   3-5 PM Edan
August 8th, 12-2 PM Grandmaster Caz
August 9th,   2-5 PM Johan Kugelberg & Spencer Sweeney

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