Speaking of Tom Ford. What is UP with him? Is he losing it or what? He seems to be more and more obsessed with pornography as time passes. He collaborated with artist Jeff Burton on a shoot for a piece on his new eyewear collection in the next GQ. Burton, who has photographed Gucci ads in the past for Ford is an artist who actually works doing stills on porn sets. For the  GQ piece,  Ford chose a porn star named Luca (who he claims was not "waxed or shaved") to model nude, of course, for the eyewear shot. (Check out the photo at right!)We actually love Jeff Burton's work and met him on our recent trip to LA where he participated in one of our panels at the PAPER Project in LA (where he is based).
We also read yesterday on Page Six  that Vanity Fair is freaking out cos he is sexing up their upcoming Hollywood issue so much and being such an imperious freak to everyone. Plus he's starting to overexpose... Maybe it's a midlife crisis. He needs to calm down. He's starting to look pretty self-indulgent and a even a little foolish.


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