Southern University upped the south's grand tradition of colossally great college marching bands by doing a searing rendition of Adele's "Hello," like you've never seen (or heard) before.

While at the Bayou Battle of the Bands, S.U.--Accompanied by their incredible dancing squad--begins the weighty ballad slowly, after the announcer tells the crowd to sing along; "I know you know all the words!" he says.

With deadpan faces, the dancers launch into some seriously sultry choreography, which, despite the woeful content of the song, works unexpectedly well.


When the chorus comes, however, the band is able to reach sonic register that feels supernaturally high.

The ladies continue to groove as the army of trumpets unleash a wrathful blare; I'm positive at least 20 car windshields cracked in the parking lot.

Methinks Adele would be proud.

Brace yourself, and watch below.

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