Soundbites: The James Beard Awards

Gary Pini

Last night's James Beard Awards brought out the country's top chefs, restaurateurs and foodies for their annual get-together in New York City.  Eater has a full list of all the winners HERE and we shared our thoughts on the evening HERE, but we thought you might like to know what other folks are saying about the ceremony as well.

"Like the Oscars without the dance numbers."  -- Florence Fabricant (NYT Diner's Journal)

"Lets play a game. Count the Mexicans at the #jbfawards one...two...uh..."  -- Anthony Bourdain Tweets about the absence (and lack of recognition for) Latinos art the awards

"I just ran over chef (Jacques) Pepin on my way here.  My bad." -- Tory Miller, chef/owner of L'Etoile after accepting his award for best chef in the Midwest [JournalSentinel]

"With respect to all you New Yorkers, Chicago may be the #1 restaurant city in America -- I'm just sayin'. " -- Charlie Trotter disses NYC while presenting an award. [ChicagoTribune]

"You don't reserve tables at NEXT, you purchase tickets, much as you would for a concert." -- J.M. Hirsh on "Best New Restaurant" award winner, NEXT. [Salon]

AND:  Congratulations to former PAPER art director Richard Pandiscio and his design firm for winning the award for "Outstanding Restaurant Graphics" for The Americano restaurant in NYC's Hotel Americano.

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