Soundbites: FRIEZE New York

Gary Pini

Better hurry!  Today is the final day for FRIEZE on Randall's Island so it's your last chance.  Here's what others are saying about the first New York edition of the popular London art fair:

"The architectural equivalent of a white stretch limo."  -- Writer Holland Cotter describes the venue, designed by architects SO-IL (who are featured in our May issue). (NYT, May 5, 2012)

"The first half hour was like 2007 all over again." -- Adam Sheffer of New York's Cheim & Read gallery.  (

"It was great!  Smiles, kiss kisses, sausages grilled by Gavin Brown. Everybody seemed to be in a good mood." -- Artist Kalup Linzy ( Huffington Post)

"Jennifer Rubell's vagina nutcracker took the cake for mindless fair spectacle." -- Writer Paddy Johnson (Art Fag City)

"The place -- how do I say this nicely -- smells.  A strange odor of rotting meat or something of the sort pervaded the aisles toward the back of the tent venue." -- Benjamin Genocchio (

We actually liked the "nutcracker" thing and we've got a video to prove it. (Thanks to our friend DB Burkeman for taking this video!)

Photo via T Magazine

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