First off, let me preface this truly magical slice of news by saying if there is any site to purchase my domain without my knowledge, I would hope it be an e-commerce store for mythical creature-themed sex toys. Alas, it seems not all of us are as blessed as Soulja Boy.

The king of finessing (never forget he changed the name of "Crank Dat" to Britney Spears' "Oops I did it Again" on Limeware for unwitting downloaders), Soulja Boy, appears to have had his website whisked out from right under his nose. Unfortunately, his old tweets featuring the link to (his old url) now expands into a preview of 'Bad Dragon's merchandise.

It's some great free press for Bad Dragon, which boasts an extensive collection of "adult accessories based on fantastic creatures," if, you know, you're feeling like indulging in a little freaky Game of Thrones-themed night. Perhaps the best part of all of this is the fact the sex toy on display via Soulja Boy's Twitter is "Carrot Cake"-hued.

This might just be the best story to emerge from 2018, and while you're here, revisit "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," below. Hats off, Soulja.

Image via Getty

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