Drake (Picture: Sarah Rosado)

The ultimate combo breakfast-art project you didn't know you needed: cereal portraits of your favorite musicians. New York-based artist Sarah Rosado has answered all of our prayers with her cornflake masterpieces whose carb-faces belong to people like Drake, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Rosado told The Huffington Post that the idea simply came to her one day while -- drumroll -- eating cereal and listening to music. Never did we imagine the joy we would get from meticulously organized tiny pieces of grain and starch, but here we are. Visit Rosado's website for more info and images.

[h/t MTV]

Beyoncé (Picture: Sarah Rosado)

Nicki Minaj (Picture: Sarah Rosado)

Lady Gaga (Picture: Sarah Rosado)

Ariana Grande (Picture: Sarah Rosado)
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