Diversity in casting has moved from a marginalized topic to one of the forefront issues discussed in fashion, which is good for consumers and equality and bad for designers who have failed to keep up. Swimwear brand Solid + Striped's latest campaign is a prime example: among thirteen models, supermodel Jourdan Dunn stands as the lone woman of color, flanked by nearly identical white models on each side. The brand's Instagram was flooded with comments calling out the tokenism and lack of diversity in the image.

"Where's the diversity @solidandstriped?? This is so disappointing. Also based on this pic I'm definitely not thin enough to shop here, so I won't," one user wrote. "This campaign...is an actual joke," another wrote. "Umm this is ridiculous. The blatant disregard for diversity. And then you make her look like the "token black girl," wrote another.

We have reached out to Solid + Striped for comment.

Image via Instagram

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