Hottest new trend in nail art? NowThis Weed is purporting it's a "Weedicure," which is exactly what you think it is.

Utilizing a nail technique called encapsulation, you just put a little bit of weed in the basecoat and then seal it with a clear polish, which renders the bud odorless but unsmokeable. However, if you don't wanna waste actual herb, you can apparently also use this technique with other objects like oregano (heh) or, uh, gallstones -- though last time I checked hardened liver deposits aren't super cute.

Obviously my first question is why waste good drugs, but I guess if you value aesthetics over intoxication it's kind of a dope (lol) look. Check out how it's done for yourself below -- and don't be surprised if you see Rihanna sporting one soon.

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