SNOWBIRD'S Top 10 Songs of 2005

By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD

It might be out fashion, but the Snowbird really likes lists. At this time of year we are innundated by "Best Of's" and "'Top 10's" and I feel like a pig in ...well, you know. Anyway, not to be left out of the fun, we announce our "Top 10 Songs of 2005."  To be included, a song/CD needn't have been released in 2005, but that's when it came to our attention.

#1 "Cosmosonica" v/a compiled by Tom Middleton
This is a double-CD set of 40 cover songs; all great. Found it while tracking down a strange version of the rap hit "White Lines" by Bareback.

#2 "Frontin" by Jamie Cullum
A cover of the Neptune's track that is on Jamie's first album and is also on "Cosmosonica."

#3 "Nailed" by Bob Mould
Another cover -- is it the year of the cover song?-- this one on the Hedwig remake album called "Wig in a Box."

#4 "Solo Piano" by Gonzales The whole CD is brilliant!  It is melodic-chill-pop music that the whole family can love and it really is 100% solo piano.

#5 "Schrapnell" by Isolee

#6 "My Friend Dario" by Vitalic

#7 "Let It Go" by Batistessa

#8  "I Can't Believe It's Over" by Bent

#9  "Ruby Blue" CD by Roisin Murphy

#10  "Take Me Out "  by Scissor Sisters  (Yes, it's on "Cosmosonica," too.)


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