Saturday Night Live star Vanessa Bayer also moonlights as Janessa Slater (nice.) on Above Average's web series "Sound Advice," now on IFC. As the world's worst publicist she gives advice to bands on how they can improve their image and this time she gives the media coach treatment to Sleater-Kinney. After figuring out who they actually are ("As an all-girl band, how many mysteries have you solved? This seems like a Nancy Drew kinda team."), Janessa tries to parse out the concept of feminism: "Guys are running this place, but we can do stuff too! For every monster truck and every Lamborghini or whatever, there's also a flower shop. We're all just little riot girls, you know?" Uhh, yeah, sure. One day she'll sort out who Susan B. Anthony is, but for now we'll pray for her.

Watch the clip above, via IFC.
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