In a bizarre example of life imitating art imitating life, Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton are hanging out because it is a strange, wonderful world we live in.

"A night on the town" no less! What did this night entail? Was it a chill dinner before heading back to Kate's for a casual pregame before gearing up for a boogie at Berlin? Did they make a Tinder profile and troll the 55+ age group with a series of "wuu2"s and "hey sexy, how do you feel about women on top (of the political ladder) ;~)"s? Let us pray.

Hillary, master of the sub-drag, also popped up at Oscar de la Renta's NYFW yesterday, honoring the late designer with a very poignant speech describing how he built his life in America as an immigrant.

"Oscar de la Renta was an immigrant, and aren't we proud and grateful that he was," she said. "In the corner of these striking stamps, it says 'USA Forever.' Let us remember what is durable and lasting about Oscar's legacy. Of course it is the fashion, it is the great worldly success. But it's also going with him to Washington Heights, going to a nightclub, and watching him dance the salsa with young people, who are just starting out their lives in this great city, in this blessed country. He knew what they were hoping for. He gave up his heart and his soul to make sure that his example would live on."

She really gets around, our Hillz.

Image via YouTube.

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