Sneakers Don't Fail Me Now

 By Special Correspondent SNOWBIRD

If your shoes wear out while finishing up your holiday shopping - or you are looking for a unique gift - you should stop by the Jessica Murray Projects gallery (150 Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan) and pick up a pair of Brincos sneakers for only $215. One thousand pairs of Brincos -"jump" in Spanish - were manufactured in China for Brooklyn artist Judi Werthein and many were given to migrants in Mexico who intended to illegally cross the border into the USA. "The shoes include a map, compass,  flashlight...and also some Tylenol," Werthein says.  A map that shows the most popular route from Tijuana to San Diego is  printed on the insole. To those who complain that the artist is encouraging illegal immigrants, the artist says the real incentive is America's demand for cheap labor.  The sneakers were a big hit at the Basel Art Fair and can be ordered  here.


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