Snapchat's latest update is a combination of the essential and the innovative, here to fulfill all your group-chatting and self-editing needs.

In addition to the long-awaited group chat feature (whose messages, in true snapping style, will disappear in 24 hours), the newest introductions include two creative tools – the paintbrush, which can be used to convert your Memories into artworks of intricate brushstroke, and the scissors, which would help you cut out a portion of your picture, and save it as a sticker for later use. Get ready for some Photoshop-level snap edits!

Snapchat also included a Shazam integration. You know, for when you're snapping yourself with 125 heads, while chatting with 17 of your closest friends, and a song whose name you just have to know happens to come wafting in through the window.

It could happen..

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