Snap (formally known as Snapchat) announced today it will be adding a daily news segment to its stories in partnership with NBC. It's a big step toward embracing original content for the company, which recently rebranded itself as a camera company with the filing of its IPO earlier this year.

The show, called Stay Tuned, will air twice a day on the app's Discover tab and will be very short (two to three minutes) segments about daily news stories, targeted at Snap's main demographic of 18-24 year olds. The show will be hosted by NBC and MSNBC News reporters Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz.

"There's a huge appetite for news content from our audience," Sean Mills, Snap's head of original content, told Select All. "We want this new show to feel very self-contained. Our viewers can go here [Snap] and see something, see all the most important news stories."

Because of the short format, Mills told Select All viewers can expect the show to be "visual" and "made in such a way that it's not necessarily a lean-back experience." Shows will populate each day on the app's Discover tab.

"They [Snap viewers] love stories about issues that impact them," Mills added. "Climate change, gun violence, how to pay for college. Stories that are maybe not just what they're seeing in terms of the left and right screaming-match on cable."

Stay Tuned premiered this morning, and the show will air daily at 7am EST and again at 4pm, Monday through Friday, with a single 1pm show on weekends.

[h/t Select All]

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