Snapchat lenses are the greatest gift to creative selfie mugging since the front-facing camera. But how can you get that rainbow barf outside the confines of the app? How do you keep those anime eyes for longer than a ten-second snap?

Makeup artist and YouTuber Mayra Isabel has your back, at least for one lens look. She gives a detailed tutorial that nails the heavily-caked red makeup lens, down to the heart-shaped mole. "When I saw that thing, I was like, 'Slay,'" she says. Isabel walks you through all the steps, including using a glue stick to paste your eyebrows way up high and applying a ton of foundation and concealer. The end result is an on-fleek cartoonish Snap face you can wear all day (don't wear it all day--your skin will hate you.)

[h/t Mashable]

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