Stopped into see Kate and Andy Spade yesterday and saw their respective cool new stuff (for Kate Spade and Jack Spade). Of course, dish queen that I am, my favorite new stuff from Kate was her kiddie dishes which were these really awesome porcelain pint sized plates with the most lovely graphic animals on them. I collect children's dishes and haven't seen any dishes quite as fabulous as these since I bought my set of Hermes children's circus dishes years ago. But the best thing we found out was that Jack Spade has set up a little area outside the tents where they will be doing a spoof on the Goyard set. Theyll be giving out those fabulous cheap plastic Mexican Canal Street style totes (the plaid ones that come in all colors that I adore and collect!) and they will be "monograming" them (ie stenciling your initials) on them. I love Jack Spade. Andy is so smart! Pretty fabulous idea, huh.


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