We've been fans of Detroit-based three-piece Jamaican Queens since they first came by PAPER HQ to perform a set in our kitchen and, since then, the "self-proclaimed 'Detroit trap pop' group" has been busy recording follow-ups to their 2013 debut, Wormfood. Two months after their latest release, February's Bored + Lazy EP, they've got a new track and a new video, "Love Is Impossible." The clip features two cops caught up in an illicit S&M-laced affair in-between making drug busts and appeasing their unhappy wives or girlfriends.

"We wanted to create a visual representation of the song's meaning 'impossible love,'" group member Ryan Pressley says. His bandmate, songwriter/producer Ryan Spencer says, "I wrote this song in spring, after finally coming down from a brutal depression. My only real relationship had ended three months prior, but with spring's return, I felt hopeful. I realized that life isn't as horrible as I had convinced myself over the previous winter. I was still disenchanted with love and relationships in general, but discovered I could be happy alone, and as cliche as it sounds, time will eventually heal old wounds." The track will appear on the band's upcoming LP, Downers, out June 2, and you can catch them live at Brookyn's Palisades on June 20th. In the meantime, watch the video, which we're excited to exclusively premiere, above.
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