Sleaze Classic: Malibu High!

Two great sleaze "Crown International Pictures" classics are out today as part of the Grindhouse Double features from Navarre. One, Trip with the Teacher (1975), is about a teacher (Brenda Forgarty) and her female students on a field trip in the desert who are attacked by two psycho bikers. Zalman King, director of Red Shoe Diaries, plays one of the craziest (Al) and wears bug-eyed sunglasses and is at his method-acting, brooding, best. In fact he's so over-the-top he makes the film more enjoyable than it is. But the fabulous entry is Malibu High (1979) which is such a trash classic you have to see it to believe it. Jill Lansing stars as the sullen, high-school-aged Kim, who, when her boyfriend dumps her for a rich girlfriend, gets even in a rather unique way. She starts sleeping with the teachers and blackmailing them for better grades, then becomes a hooker and even a hit woman -- in the space of a few weeks. It is so utterly outrageous it had me laughing and spitting out my cocktail every five minutes. The fact that this high school hooker looks 35 makes it much funnier.

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