Header photo via BFA

Sky Ferreira took to Twitter last night to address a loathsomely sexist, and trolly for the sake of press "think piece" about her 'place' in the pop world, written by LA Weekly's Art Tavana.

The wholly unnecessary article disregards Ferreira's artistry, and instead praises her "sex appeal," and "pimped out" pop star persona.

She's too nasty to be anyone's schoolgirl fantasy; she looks like an unvarnished Madonna styled by Maripol, with the vaguely mystical presence of Nico and the faux-punkness of a Sex Pistols groupie.

Fucking disgusting.

Despite LA Weekly's fairly lackluster apology for the grossness, Ms. Ferreira posted a series of tweets demonstrating the fiery self-awareness and independence that's placed her in a category of her own.

The tweets not only address the article, but the various misconceptions/general sexism that has attempted to oppress/undermine Sky's career over the years; the tweets become a sort of manifesto:


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