One of our favorite under the radar designers from Los Angeles is named Kime Buzzelli and her quirky little shop has been in Echo Park for years now. Our friend Sarah Flicker (of Citizens Band fame) turned us on to Kime maybe five years ago and we fell in love with her old fashioned  twenties and thirties inspired threads and styling the moment we saw it. These days Kime (see her at right in purple and pink dress with headband!)  has a gaggle of those cute young talented girls as fans whose last names range from Phoenix (Rain), Gyllenhall (Maggie), Deschanel (Zooey) , Jovovic (Milla) and lots more. What's even cooler is that a couple of weeks ago, Buselli came to New York and opened a little corner in Screaming Mimis which is the perfect backdrop for her charming stuff. We did a little opening party for Show Pony at Screaming Mimi's and Buzzelli came into town for it and did windows. It was SO cute. Check it out. (Screaming Mimi's is located at 382 Lafayette Street). You can read Kime's blog the Molded Doily about her time in NY. The photos are all from New York and were taken by Miss Ryan.


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