Shopping=Power: Product (Red)

Product (RED), an international private-sector and Global Fund initiative, has pulled together a selection of massive consumer brands to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. American Express, the Gap, Motorola, Converse and Emporio Armani have all created special red-themed products -- a red credit card (only available in the U.K. as of now), a red T-shirt, a red phone, and so on -- from which part of the proceeds goes toward helping women and children affected with the virus via consistently monitored financial and on-the-ground programs. (In two years, the Global Fund has increased the amount of aid reaching Rwanda tenfold). Alongside those companies' CEOs and Global Business Coalition bigwigs, the project is spearheaded by U2's Bono and his pal Bobby Shriver, a member of Santa Monica's City Council and co-founder of DATA (Debt AIDS Trade in Africa). They expect to make $3 billion this year to fulfill expectations. Go out and spend your pennies for this one.

Alex Zafiris

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