Shopping=Power: Green Toe by Simple


The disappearing shoes

The folks at Simple intend their shoes to be so environmentally friendly that you could dispose of them by burying them in the backyard. Talk about biodegradable. By using materials like jute (a shrub like hemp), cork, natural latex and water-based adhesive, the 15-year-old company is setting the bar for morality in footwear. These initiatives were introduced in their Green Toe line, which launched in the fall of 2005 with two styles for men and women (the Loaf and the Shuf). This spring they plan on expanding this line and have focused their attentions on their boxes. To eliminate the waste from packaging, the company is reducing shoe stuffing and wrapping, and plans to make their boxes from "100% post-consumer paper," which basically means that they can double as planters. They'll be at stores later this fall and available to all consumers -- eco-conscious or not.

Jonathan Durbin

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