Shop of the Week: s.kuhlman

Rebecca Prusinowski

Scott and Susan Kuhlman have relaunched their menswear label and they're rolling out new stores to boot. The Euro-inspired dress shirt company has set up shop on the bustling corner of Third Avenue and 59th Street. It's a beautiful three-story building that features pressed-tin ceilings, oak floors, and huge windows overlooking the Bloomingdales frenzy below. The scene inside s.kuhlman is considerably calmer and much more refined, which makes browsing their nice selection of casual and business shirts all the more enjoyable.

The brand was founded on the idea of bringing the old-fashioned art of European dress shirts to today's modern man at prices everyone can afford. Influenced by the colors and styles they see when visiting their home in Italy, the Kuhlmans incorporate gingham, stripes, paisleys, florals and plenty of blues, whites and purples within their collections. The shirts are designed with a two-button spread collar, six-button front closure, and subtle details in the pockets and stitching. The look is classic cool (yet office-appropriate), and at $85 a shirt, you can stockpile your wardrobe for all occasions.

s.kuhlman is expanding their business beyond the dress shirt to include men's blazers, sportcoats, cashmere sweaters and more. The blazers will have an exaggerated collar and funky lining -- offering a fresh take on an old-school favorite. Watch for them to hit the store next week, and stay tuned for more s.kuhlman developments as this brand charts its menswear comeback.

989 Third Ave.
(212) 486-9300

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski

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