Shop of the Week: JF & Son

Rebecca Prusinowski

JF & SON have opened a retail outpost and communal design space in the former INVEN.TORY shop on Kenmare Street. The Storefront features the company's limited edition women's, men's and unisex pieces as well as their collaborative collections with local artists. It's an outstanding mix that emphasizes shape, detail, texture and design synergy.

Founder Jesse Finkelstein and partner Katie King experiment with their different fabrics and materials to create clothing that is both functional and cool. Perfect wardrobe staples (like black cotton dresses, light denim buttondowns and expertly-tailored silk blazers) line the racks alongside splashier designs -- handmade tie-dyed suede shoulder bags, dazzling multi-colored sequined tanks, mustard yellow beaded buckle belts, eye-popping patterned scarves, dresses with bold graphic prints, etc. (See some of these winners above). The Storefront is currently carrying a women's collection with Ellen Koenigsberg that fuses her keen vintage sensibility (she owns second-hand shop Ellen on Ludlow Street) with their one-of-a-kind textiles.

JF & SON is about more than great style, though. Their approach to design and production also sets them apart. The company has a studio in India, where they develop all their custom fabrics together with local artisans skilled in traditional beading, embroidery and printing. Their business model eliminates the middleman so they can ensure high quality goods, labor conditions and collaboration from New Delhi to here in Nolita.

19 Kenmare Street
(212) 696-0765

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski

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