Shop of the Week: Den

Emily Warman

Den, a new concept store by Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi (owners of Odin and Oliver Spencer) is aptly named. Walking into the 350-foot space feels very much like entering a den of sorts, populated predominantly by dark and gray hues. The store features one entire line by a different designer each month, changing its decor as well to effect a full monthly makeover. Right now Cheap Monday is on the bill, a brand known primarily for their skinny-leg denim jeans. While the denim remains the big draw—jeans adorn nearly every available space, including chairs and benches—Den also features a myriad of other styles by the brand. Dresses, vests, skirts, shoes, bags, scarves and even baby clothing can all be spotted in a 360-degree turn. The women’s selection is simple and modern. Some favorites include the “Tullie” dress, a sleeveless A-line frock in basic colors that ties around the waist and falls comfortably mid-calf ($35). And for men, zipper-back Converse-style sneakers in dark brown with suede detailing are selling fast ($40). The whole Cheap Monday line is very affordable, with almost all jeans going for $65. But beware: I had trouble fitting the skinny jeans over my size-7 ½ foot, so those with large feet and cankles be prepared for some tugging and flexing. While most of the jeans are skinny, there is also raw denim in a wider-leg cut available ($100). Up next in Den is Timothy Hamilton, a menswear designer, followed by Sunday Sun, Den’s own upscale line. Stop in once, or stop by monthly for all the transformations! 330 E. 11th St., (212) 475-0079.

Photo from Refinery 29

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