Shop of the Week: Consignment

Say you're bipolar and every time you're manic, you have these fugues during which you fly to Europe and shop designer clothes, all on a credit card. When you come to, you're in a leaky, ramshakle L.E.S. apartment. Or your Upper West Side granny just died, leaving you her 1950s-to-present Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, but none of it fits. Here, Consignment -- a clean, elegant store in Boerum Hill -- comes to the rescue. Sisters Eva and Robin Weiss, who also own the store Butter (as wickedly good as the name suggests) a few doors down, select high-quality rare and upscale pieces, most worn once or never. If you bring in your clothes, Consignment will give you a generous 60 percent of the sale price of each item once sold. For those of you from whom the goddess Fortuna hasn't presently lifted her gaze: The selection of sunglasses (Paul Smith, Gucci), shoes (Mark Jacobs, Martin Margiela), handbags (Chloé, Givenchy, Henry Béguelin) and duds (Mayle, Venessa Bruno, Ann Demeulemeester) will give you an evil thrill that others haven't been as fortuitous as you. Overstock from Butter (Dries van Noten, Marni, Rick Owens, and so on) ends up here as well, all at the store's reasonable prices. If you need to escape the Manhattan shopping masses or you're a down-and-out clotheshorse, Consignment is well worth a jaunt to Brooklyn. 371 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, (718) 522-3522. Gabrielle Danchick

Photo from Racked

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