Shop of the Week: Allegra Hicks

British/Italian designer Allegra Hicks, whose flagship store opened in London's ritzy Knightsbridge neighborhood nine years ago, has found an equally well-to-do nook in Manhattan. On a recent trip to Hicks's new eponymous boutique, a perfectly put-together woman (I gathered, a society lady) was buying a beachy, beige tunic for a dinner party. Another -- nanny and baby stroller in tow -- searched for a white dress for a wedding in the Bahamas, and another hastily tried on triple-digit-priced items to wear that very night. It's true that Hicks's price points ($255 and up) can be exclusive, but her style doesn't discriminate: lots of sparkly cocktail wear, long printed dresses, patent-leather T-strap sandals (designed by Hicks in collaboration with Ferragamo) and breezy kaftans (a signature Allegra item), in bold colors like fuchsia, marigold and turquoise for women of any age. Aside from clothes, the store offers home accessories, such as a pair of fire-engine-red candles shaped like barren trees and matching dining trays. Hicks keeps things personal, with items like eye-catching Venetian-glass rings made by her friends at Leg and Brain and a children's book written by her husband, Ashley (who also designed the shop). To compliment the collection, Allegra has written The Getaway, a photo-illustrated comic book about a frustrated housewife who escapes from her humdrum life to team up with a hot bank robber wearing Allegra Hicks. And that's just what her clothes are made for -- a getaway, whether running off to a party or the beach. Allegra Hicks outfits your fantasy. 1007 Madison Ave., (212) 249-4241.

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