Shop at Trader Joe's

By Special Correspondent ANN MAGNUSON

Congratulations Manhattan on getting your first Trader Joe’s, scheduled to open on Union Square in March. Welcome to the wild world of Two Buck Chuck! If you are budget conscious (as anyone paying rent in NYC must be), you will never set food in Whole Foods (a.k.a. “Whole Paycheck” ) ever again.  It’s been my one-stop grocery shop ever since they put one in at the Silverlake location where the old Hub supermarket (owned by Manson Family victim Leno LoBianco) used to be.

For your maiden voyage, may I recommend Trader Joe's frozen black bean and corn enchiladas (if you don’t have a microwave, get one NOW!) paired with a nice Ecuadorian beer. Or TJ’s special ratatouille over the long grain brown rice fully cooked in a bag (perfect for harried A-types on the go).  Or any of TJ’s fine raviolis, perfect with a nice arugula salad and a beyond-reasonably priced bottle of one of the many wines on deck.

Also delish is Trader Joe’s fab “Tuscan Bean Medley” and the easy to prepare turkey patties! And the yummy blue corn chips with the Fresh and Spicy guacamole-in-a-box! And, if you are entertaining, you won’t find any better hors d’oeuvres to pass around than TJ’s easy-to-heat Spanakopita (filled with spinach, ricotta and feta cheese), Manitaropita (filled with seasoned mushrooms in a white wine sauce) or the super yummy mini-quiche assortment, “Prelude to a Quiche.” The Garden Patch veggie juice makes great Bloody (or virgin) Marys and the pomegranate juice is a grand substitute in any Cosmopolitan (you’ll just adore those extra antioxidants!)

Oh yeah, they also make a damned good cat litter. Ahoy, mateys! Ahoy, foodies! Trader Joe’s is your new port of call. Drop anchor and stuff your face.

Trader Joe's v. Fresh Direct via NY Times


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