Check out these two shoe designs I saw in the past week -- both to be seen in an art context. The two shoes that fit together in the heel (see photo) were specially created by designer named Ida Falck Oien for the Auerglass performance at Deitch Gallery (18 Wooster Street), which opened last night. The shoes will be worn at another performance by artist Tauba Auerbach and her friend/collaborator at Deitch on September 11th at 8 p.m. Their outfits are amazing but the shoes are beyond. They fit together in the heel.

Then I just got something about a show by artist Jessica Sofia Mitrani called "In a Single Shoe," opening at Partners & Spade (40 Great Jones St.) Sept 12th. And guess what? these are single shoes (to be modeled that night live) created to fit both feet. I thought both of these shoe creations are kind of fabulous no?

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