Shoegazing With Asobi Seksu Live At The Mercury Lounge

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the incredible, New York based shoegazer band, Asobi Seksu, last Thursday at the Mercury Lounge.   For those of you not familiar with this band (or with the shoegazer genre), please allow me to give a brief history lesson.  Shoegazer music, to begin with, is a style of music made popular by the late 80's British band, My Bloody Valentine.  Shoegazer music is recognizable by it's distorted, loud, "wall of noise" lead guitar sound coupled with subdued vocals.  They call this "shoegazing" because the musicians have to concentrate on the distortion peddles (which are located at their feet, isn't that cute?). 

Asobi Seksu (which means "playful sex" in Japanese) fits the shoegazer bill but what sets them apart is lead singer Yuki's dreamy pop voice which floats elegantly over guitarist James Hanna's elaborate and teeming sound.  Accompanied by Haji on bass and Mitch Spivak on drums, Asobi Seksu is a sight to behold.  Their latest record, Citrus, off of Friendly Fire Recordings, is amazing but even better live. The entire set was loud loud loud and the gloriously distorted sound coupled with Yuki's vocals (sung in both English and Japanese) left me completely entranced. If you get a chance, go see this band!

Asobi Seksu mp3s - New Years and Thursday


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