Shiver, a Nice and Spooky Spanish Flick, Is out on DVD

Coming out on DVD is a nice spooky flick, Shiver, an atmospherically-filmed Spanish chiller by Isidro Ortiz about a light-challenged boy Santi (Junio Valverde) who is bullied by classmates because of his rare affliction that makes sunlight lethal to his skin. He and his mother move to a remote town surrounded by mountains but here he becomes entangled in a local mystery concerning a strange creature that lives in the woods and attacks cattle and tears the throats from villagers. Santi investigates the killings only to become the police's number one suspect. Some of this is very effective and creepy, but you wish it had just gone one step further to make it scarier. That being said, it’s well-acted and looks sensational and may make you think twice before strolling carefree through the forest in the future.

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