Shia LaBeouf, noted artisté, Transformers actor and useful Chrome extension, can probably add "serial plagiarist" to his CV at this point, as he's (once again) been accused of plagiarizing a prominent underground rap crew in his newly-surfaced freestyle.

Incomprehensible and painfully awkward for the entire video's duration, MC Beouf compares himself to Tupac, all while throwing down odd tuna casserole-centric insults and um, tying in a reference to Galileo with potatoes (???). However, what we're mostly interested is why LaBeouf just can't come up with any original art -- especially as these new (and pretty founded) accusations come after last year's blow-up with comic artist Daniel Clowes, his string of blatantly copy-pasted apologies (from King Guwop, no less) and his whole Thomas Pychon paper bag "art" thing. 

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