She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge (Flawless/Geffen)

On first listen, the self-titled debut from Los Angeles duo She Wants Revenge sounds an awful lot like a mopier, less organic release from their commitment-phobic colleagues in Interpol. Both bands are dark, wintry and tread lightly on that thin line between goth and dance without subscribing to either category. (Call it the season of winterpol, if you will.) Thing is, though, She Wants Revenge won't require remixing to make DJ playlists. Former Bomb the Bass rapper Justin Warfield and keyboardist Adam 12 have declared that they wanted to "make girls dance or cry," and while they'll certainly achieve the former, it sounds like they're the ones in pain. Consider Warfield's lyrics, sung in his dulcet monotone, from the album's opener, "Red Flags and Long Nights": "It's never hard to tell when things are done/ She looked into my eyes and a voice said, 'Run,'/ She said that I'm a mess but it's all right/ Whether it's two weeks, two years or just tonight." Sounds like someone woke up on the couch -- alone. And love-starved though She Wants Revenge may be, they know how to transform depression into cathartic dance-floor fodder: Between tracks like "Sister," "Us" (the slow jam) and "These Things," the band's infectious, goth-y groove becomes apparent. The last time anyone made depression sound this good, they were British. Hey isn't it tough to be miserable when you live in Los Angeles? Someone get these guys some shrinks. Jonathan Durbin

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