Aside from TeamKanyeDaily, pop star fan accounts are typically not super interesting nor informative to anyone other than the diehard, dig-through-your-garbage stan. However, one @KingBeyonceStan is about to alter all your expectations with their hilarious "She Doesn't Have The Range" thread; a thread that's kind of a masterclass in primo, pop culture-referencing shadethrowing.

Most likely a riff on that legendary Little Britain sketch, the original target may have been Sheryl Crow and Paul McCartney -- however, this verbal side-eye is obviously much better applied as a dig to other lesser-than pop stars. Behold a few of our favorites aka the ones that actually made us screech aloud (warning: it's most of the thread).

However, not everyone took as kindly to @KingBeyonceStan's truth-slinging assessments, so...

Prepare for "she doesn't have the range" to become your new go-to shade. Just in time for summer. *sips vodka lemonade*

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