Shaun White Switched From a Blackberry to an iPhone, and More Tidbits from the Snowboarding Phenom

J. Everette Perry

Throughout the week, Fuel TV's daily action sports show The Daily Habit is being filmed at Oakley's headquarters in sunny Orange County, California. They kicked it all off with a candid interview with PAPER pal Shaun White today. White is one of the best snowboarders of our generation. Known as "The Flying Tomato," he has won numerous competitions and awards, including a gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics. On top of it all, he has a fashion line, his own video game line, plays the guitar, rules at skating and surfing, and has a quick, alert mind. I sat down with him before he went live for a quick Q&A.

What was your last download?
I just switched from a Blackberry to the iPhone and downloaded the game Quantum Collapse. I travel a lot for competitions so I have my head down on my phone. I just downloaded the acoustic Guns and Roses album.

Tell me about your last trip.
I just finished snowboarding, so I went to Germany for Oktoberfest, then flew over to Paris and actually checked out fashion week, then Spain, Prague, and ended the trip in an island resort near Bali.

How is the Target collab going?
Man, I love working with them. Everything is so easy going -- from being in the ads with my French bulldog Rambo to pitching the designs at the corporate office in Minneapolis. It was suppose to be a one season, back-to-school thing, and now I'm going into the third season.

What's inspired the line?
I traveled to Osaka, Japan and they have a real rock 'n' roll style. Actually, everywhere I go I buy clothes for myself and bring them home to my brother and we sit down and start making designs. I look to my brother for a lot of help; he really is a genius.

And, for inquiring minds, this is what White was wearing:
Shaun White Signature Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses, a T- shirt (which has his dog Rambo on it), cut off denim shorts from his Target line, turquoise and silver Native American jewelry that he got in Colorado, Which also inspired his tattoo -- a Native American symbol representing prosperity through the hardest storms.

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