Shaun White is Soooo SoCal (By Ann Magnuson)

We love love LOVE  snowboarding gold medalist Shaun White!! A native of Carlsbad California who learned to ski on the slopes of Big Bear Mountain the dude is, like, soooooooo SoCal!  Everytime he appeared on yesterday's NBC broadcast from Turin I felt, like, totally stoked. I mean, we were all, like, trippin' .  I mean, he's like, soooo rad. Cute in the extreme. I mean, OMG, I was sooooo freaking OUT when he missed his first qualifier. And then, while those Frenchys and Eye-tais were getting all sloppy goin' for 12s "The Flying Tomato" was like, so smooth and mellow giving the judges what he figured they wanted to see, just nailing those 9's and 10s like the mellow megastar pro he is and then, you know, the gold had his name on it from Day One so that was a no-brainer. I mean, the dude survived two heart surgeries as a kid AND overnights with his family at the Big Bear Motel 6? Awesome!!! Plus this master of the halfpipe has AC/DC and Led Zeppelin booming on the speakers during his runs. How friggin' cool is THAT? He soooo rules!!! We  totally heart Shuan White ! Carrot Top must be so proud.

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