Sharaya J May Be the Next Missy Elliott

by Max Kessler

We'd never heard of Sharaya J -- the Hawaiian-born rapper signed to Missy Elliott's label, The Goldmine Inc. -- before today, but her new song "Smash Up the Place" has us wanting way, way more. Missy Elliott released some new, Timbaland-produced tracks a while back but seems to be more successful at providing vocal stylings and support for great new acts like Little Mix. Sharaya is a good friend and actual protégé of Missy's and her songs sound a lot like Misdemeanor in her heyday: the clever, sexually boastful verses, the chopped Timbaland-esque beat, a hype-man announcement from Missy before the rapping actually starts, and of course, the vocal aerobics. Watch the war-painted, wig-related goodness, above.

[via OMG]

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